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New for 2009

Jan 2, 2009

We are excited to announce the addition of crowns and trophies for 2009. While some crowns are already offered on the website, we are adding tons more. These will be available within a week. Coming to the website will also be trophies. These will be up and available very soon. You can now get all you need for your pageant from one place, Everything in ONE box from one company. No wondering if all your items will come in on time. No more paying tons of shipping form 3 or more different suppliers. We are also working on Package deals. Save Money, time and worry, Order from KD Creations, LLC.

numbers, sashes, crown, trophies, shirts, jackets, tiara bags, tote bags, and tons of other gifts. ALL your pageant needs from one shop!!!!!!!

Visit us today at

feel free to contact us with any questions

Happy New Year!!

Kimberly Carroll