Pageant Banners
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Please note that any work or designs made by KD Creations LLC, may be used on future advertising including but not limited to this website. if you do not wish to have your items used, please submit in writing.

Thank you for your cooperation!!

Please click on Sash Order Form  to place an order, simply fill out the form and submit it. We will contact you with prices and further clarifications as soon as we receive your completed form.   You can contact us at anytime with questions by calling (334)588-3919 or email    We look forward to hearing from you.

 Below are samples of some of my work.  You can reference any sash you want yours to look like.  Colors can be chosen from the Satin colors page.  We carry most any color you could want in Stock.  Sashes can be any two combinations of color. 

Two color satin sash Base Price $19.50 each 
(this includes two colors of satin of your choice and color embroidery of your choice. Name of pageant , Title, and year.) All Sashes are fully lined
(there is no minimum or maximum number to order) 

metallic thread, graphics and trims are additional.  please check the Pricing page for detailed pricing.  contact us with any questions.


Online Sash Order Form


To Place an order, simply click here on the Sash Order Form.   With questions, you can contact us anytime at (334)588-3919 or email    We look forward to hearing from you.

Please do not copy any of my designs or work. The designs on my sashes and work shown on this website are drawn and digitized by me, and are not to be used, copied, distributed or sold as your own. If you would like to buy a design for your personal use, please contact me and we can discuss it further.

Thank you for your cooperation!!